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How does IPL work?

Basically, the IPL light is attracted to the pigment in the hair. The point of IPL is to shrink the hair follicle in which the hair sits, so that the hair can’t grow any longer. The real plus is it is Pain Free.

IPL is non monochromatic (not a single wavelength) and non-focused, treats multiple follicles at once, and is attracted to varying degrees of hair colour.

IPL covers a larger area per pulse of light therefore making the process faster and with the added benefit of seeing many shades of colour.  The real plus is it is Pain Free.


Hair colour not dark

The IPL light is attracted to pigment in the hair so we need to actually see the client to give an opinion on whether the treatment will work for them. Book for a free consult. If your hair is blonde, grey or red, it may not be suitable for the treatment, however, we always suggest you book for a free consult to discuss the options.


Can I wax/bleach/tweeze/epilate/thread between treatments?

“You need to leave at least 4 weeks between waxing tweezing and epilation prior to your treatment, to ensure the treatment works properly”

We need the hair to be in its follicle to enable the light to be attracted to it and destroy it.  Hairs must be in a growth phase for this process to succeed.  Book a free consultation to discuss this with your local Hairfree Centre.


How many treatments will I need and how often?

Everyone is different; but if you’re a good candidate for the treatment, you’ll need a minimum of 6 treatments. To get the most from the process, the treatments will need to be carried out at regular intervals. Intervals are dependent upon the area you have treated but will be approx. 6 weeks apart. Everyone is different; we generally say minimum of 6 – 10 treatments and then maintenance will be required. Gradually getting longer apart as the hair gets less and less.

“This varies for each client, and is dependent on the area being treated.  However, as a general rule we say between 6 – 12 for women and men 6 – 14. “Treatments will be spaced out from 4 – 6 weeks depending on the body part being treated.  Maintenance is required due to the cyclical and hormonal pattern of hair growth. Our Therapist will explain this fully during the consultation.”


Will I be required to undress?

It depends on where the unwanted hair is located. All our professional staff adhere to the strictest standards of personal respect and will respect your privacy. Of course, if you’re after a reduction of hair “down there” you’ll need to suspend your modesty a little. However, Hairfree does use techniques such as draping to help with your privacy.


Does it cause ingrown hairs?

No, it actually helps in treating ingrown hairs as the dark pigment will attract the light and the hair will be treated. Less hair overall means less ingrown hairs!


Will I see a result after my first treatment?

Yes, you will notice up to a 20% reduction in growth after each session.


What pre- and post-treatment steps will I need to take?

You can’t have a tan 2 weeks before beginning your treatments or for 2 weeks after. You will need to wear SPF 30+ when you’re out in the sun in-between treatments.

Do I have to wear eye protection?

The skin of your eyes is the most sensitive on your body. Therefore, we will offer you eyewear that you need to wear while in treatment for your visual protection.


Is there any place on my body you can’t treat?

Well we won’t do under the eyebrows, but that’s about it!


I have a tattoo/mole in the area in which I want to be treated. Can I still have IPL treatments?

You can still have IPL treatments; however, we will fully cover any tattoo/mole and treat around it. They are usually covered by zinc cream, depending on the extent of it. So just be aware that the hair over that area will be unable to be removed. This is because of the high level of pigment in the skin in that area, which if we were to treat with IPL, would run a risk of the skin overheating.


I’ve got a suntan/been in the sun, can I still have my treatment?

“We will need to move your appointment for a fortnight’s time. “Extra pigment in the skin can increase the risk of the skin burning. It’s a safety regulation Hairfree has in place to protect you”.


I’ve got my period so can I still have my Brazilian/bikini treatment?

“You can definitely still have your treatment, just bear in mind that you can be sensitive during that time of the month. We ask that you shower before coming in, and use a tampon.



Hair Reduction

AFT/IPL stands for Advanced Fluorescent Technology/Infrared Pulsed Light. It’s not a laser; the AFT/IPL motion technology continuously hits the deep hair follicle tissue in a straight line at a low dose and high frequency. It is easily absorbed by the hair to decompose the hair papilla pigment and shrink the hair follicle tissue to impede hair growth and achieve effective and painless hair removal.