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Hair Removal

Fast, Pain Free, Effective

The HairFree Centre is a well-known and trusted name within the cosmetic industry, we have over 10 years’ experience and pride ourselves in being leading experts in intensive pulsed light Hair removal (IPL).


Using the most up to date proven technology, designed & Tested in Germany exclusively for the HairFree centres we provide fast, Pain free and effective IPL treatments to our clients.

The HairFree + Beauty Centre brand has established its position as a leading provider of cosmetic treatments, specialising in IPL hair removal.

We specialise and take pride in using the most up to date technology to help our clients achieve the results they want without discomfort. The HairFree + Beauty Centres are conveniently spread across Australia with salons in WA, VIC, TAS, NSW, SA & QLD.

With 32 clinics throughout Australia and over 16 years’ experience the HairFree + Beauty Centres are a fast, pain free and effective solution.


Hair Reduction

AFT/IPL stands for Advanced Fluorescent Technology/Infrared Pulsed Light. It’s not a laser; the AFT/IPL motion technology continuously hits the deep hair follicle tissue in a straight line at a low dose and high frequency. It is easily absorbed by the hair to decompose the hair papilla pigment and shrink the hair follicle tissue to impede hair growth and achieve effective and painless hair removal.