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Pain Free

Hair Reduction

Our unique cooling system incorporates a water pump, water reservoir, radiator, particle filter, flow switch and fans. The system circulates the water from the fan-cooled radiator to the hand piece. Ensuring each treatment is pain free.


The Dual Pulsed Light (DPL) system incorporates dual filters to ensure we have more of the appropriate wavelengths (colours) to optimize treatments with increased safety.

Dual mode HR & SHR increase the treatment speed and client safety as as allowing the DPL to be used for treatment of darker skin type for HR (hair removal) treatments

Dual lamps with EED provide Even Energy Distribution over the full surface of the treatment spot.


Hair Reduction

AFT/IPL stands for Advanced Fluorescent Technology/Infrared Pulsed Light. It’s not a laser; the AFT/IPL motion technology continuously hits the deep hair follicle tissue in a straight line at a low dose and high frequency. It is easily absorbed by the hair to decompose the hair papilla pigment and shrink the hair follicle tissue to impede hair growth and achieve effective and painless hair removal.